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Friday, 4 August 2017

Netflix Nation: Summer 2017

I took a break from Netflix for a while for a couple of reasons. But now I'm back and catching up on shows I wanted to see. House of Cards sadly took a back seat to other fare so I'm leaving it off the list. Might have to continue it in September. The life of a slow awkward binger.

Teen Wolf

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I finally watched seasons three through five and it was quite a journey. The show's teen sense has worn a bit on me since I last watched it regularly on MTV which has been a long time. But there's no denying that the series still has bite. Scott always had tough decisions to make and not all of his pack always makes it out on the other side. I'll be watching the first half of Season Six online then catch up with the rest on MTV. Since it's the final season, I really want to be there.

Shadowhunters Season Two

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I took a break from this show but now I'm back and all caught up. Clary and company have a lot on their hands. Trying to protect the mortal instruments from Valentine isn't going so well. The bad guy got two of the three items! Now our heroes find out the final item isn't a mirror like they originally thought but an actual lake. Right, now the people who couldn't keep their hands on the Mortal Cup and the Soul Sword will try to keep Valentine from using an entire lake. Nothing can go wrong. And yes, that's sarcasm.


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I just saw the other day that this series will be leaving by August 28. So now I'll be watching from Season one to four before then. Since Wednesday I've gone through five episodes. Told you I'm not an expert binger. The main character Emily is on a path of vengeance against the people who helped send her father to prison. Where he died an innocent man framed for funding a terrorist attack. Ouch.

Other Shows

The Space Between - Paper thin movie with an annoying love triangle thrown into a sci-fi tale

The Pirate Fairy - A cute Tinkerbel movie that I enjoyed. Disney did a nice job with this one.

Amy Schumer: The Leather Special - This woman needs to retire from comedy. God awful! Unless of course, you love jokes about vaginas smelling like barn animals and pretending men are...perfect...awful? What? I just made it through barely ten minutes before I got out and gave it a huge thumbs down.

Dave Chappelle: Collection 1 - Loved it! If you are a fan of the Chapelle Show, this is even better.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Caught up on a few episodes in Season Five. Will have to watch Season Six online so I can get ready for Season Seven which is currently airing.

Image result for twilight sparkle tired

I still have all sorts of shows to watch including Ex-Machina, animated movies and upcoming shows in August (The Defenders, Dragons: Race to the Edge Season Five and more). I'll do my best to watch something so I can balance my time between working, staying healthy, keeping an eye on my recovering mom (for someone with stitches recently taken out, she won't lie down) and making time to relax with reading and Netflix (while also doing reviews and blog I turning into a workaholic too)?

Anyway thanks for stopping by and see you all on Monday. What are you watching or streaming?


  1. I've not watched any of those. I guess I can't be accused of being a total NetFlix junkie anymore.
    Have a good weekend!

  2. I've never understood who put Schumer in the spotlight either, what a horrid woman, her and Lena Dunham as well.

  3. I feel the same way about Amy Schumer! I have never made it through more than 15 minutes of her shows. Ugh.
    Hope you're doing well, Sheena-Kay!

  4. Hi Sheena-kay. I was SO disappointed with the latest season of House of Cards. Some ridiculous plotlines. I saw Revenge as it happened on free TV. Good show. I'm hooked on Suits currently.

  5. I actually didn't know Teen Wolf or Shadowhunters were on netflix. I'd heard Teen Wolf is good but Shadowhunters' content has definitely grabbed my attention. Gonna have to check it out. :)

  6. Going nuts waiting for the last season of Teen Wolf here. Siiiiiigh.

  7. I haven't managed to get into Teen Wolf yet. I don't know why... I should stick with it!

    I LOOOOOOVE Shadowhunters. One might say I'm a little obsessed with it, especially #MALEC ;)

  8. I use to watch both Teen Wolf and Revenge and then stopped. I stopped with Revenge (never watched the last season) because it just became too much. Too much drama, too much eye rolling on my part and too much like a soap opera.
    As for Teen Wolf, I really liked it, cheese and all, but for some reason I think Hulu stopped airing it so I stopped watching it. I should get caught up if someone picks it up (Netflix or Hulu again with all the seasons).
    I love Shadowhunters, more than I should considering. It is a but cheesy but for some reason I can't stop watching it!

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