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Friday, 8 July 2016

TMI Bloghop: My Turn

At first I thought about posting a book review but at the last minute decided to go do a hop I have been meaning to do sing I saw it on Yolanda's blog. The TMI Hop was apparently made to find out everyone's business. Kidding, Kidding. But seriously this is not for those who get anxious about sharing stuff. For more on how to take part through July 13 visit Yolanda's TMI post where I found out about this cool up and she has the sign up linky at the bottom.

I'm lazy so I just copied the questions off her page. But I wrote in my own answers. It's late people. I want to go to bed by 1 a.m. or so. Enjoy.

A: Age 

 31. I'm fine with saying it. Though sometimes on social media I feel a little old. But that's fine and I know I'm still young. This is not the Dark Ages.

B: Biggest fear

Losing my joy, becoming a bad person, not being able to help someone in danger. Oh and driving a car. Sorry but when you imagine a car blowing up every time you try to drive it. You just don't. Yes folks I have never turned the ignition on a vehicle. Now I know it must be some type of anxiety. In my teens I just decided to never drive.

C: Current time

12:10 a.m. - Enjoying a couple episodes of Netflix's Dragons: Race to the Edge - Season 3. They brought this too fast! I can only watch two or three every couple of days. I'm not a binger by nature. Doing that with Daredevil Season 2 almost blew my brain. The Season was great mind.

D: Drink you last had

Water. What? Water is life.

E: Every day starts with

Waking up. If you're stuck in your dreams, there might be a problem.

F: Favorite Song

Oh! A new favorite is Ghost Town by Adam Lambert. I love it, especially that tone and the whistling. Plus the great soulful sad lyrics. This song is what Adele would sing as a man.

G: Ghosts, are they real?

Yes. I had an experience. Well more than one but they exist. And once I was with my cousin. I will not visit haunted houses.

H: Hometown

For me it will always be Patrick City in the parish of St. Andrew. Moved to Greater Portmore when I was in third grade but P.C. was something special. Oh and I'm from Jamaica in case you're wondering where the hell these places are. Hi!

I: In love with

Life? What, it's awesome. Oh and reading, people in proper doses and writing!

J: Jealous of?

I don't really get jealous. I read once in a book that it's a form of theft and I agree. But if you're talking about that tiny five second jealousy that can come from seeing awesome book collections or turning on the television when I'm hungry and seeing someone eating food I wished I had at the moment. Very temporary.

K: Killed someone?

There was a time when I had some really bad thoughts in a situation. Walked away. Killing people is not exactly my thing.

L: Last time you cried?

I think last month when something really upset me. People can be jackasses.

M: Middle name

Angela. Just remembered there was this song...

Angela, Angela
oooooh, let the music play...

I don't remember anything else. But it's awesome this hop made me remember that song. 

N: Number of siblings

Two: (1) brother, (1) sister 

O: One wish

To vacation in Japan or visit my writer pals in Utah. It's a travel wish. So? Teleportation!

P: Person you last called?


Q: Question you're always asked

How can someone as sweet as you write murder mysteries. (Insert maniacal laugh here)

R: Reason to smile

Life is beautiful.

S: Sounds that annoy you

Arguing, plastic bags rustling on the clothesline, etc.

T: Time you woke up

A little after 7 a.m.

U: Underwear color
Let me peek! Red print. I guessed right! Why did I guess red, right? 

V: Vacation destination

Books and my imagination are great vacation spots. Also Japan! Really want to go.

W: Worst habit

Procrastination and hyper vigilance. 

X: X-Rays you've had


Y: Your favorite food

Curry chicken and rice and peas. Fave drink in the world: Orange juice! 

Z: Zodiac sign


Yes I finished this at 12:30 a.m. Less than half hour. Thanks for hanging with me guys and see you on Monday. 


  1. Losing job is something I'm always afraid of too! Love Ghost Town as well, he's just released a new song this week, by the way

  2. You know I'm all about teleportation!
    Thirty-one? You're a young pup.

  3. I'm a Sagittarius too :) Fun to read the answers to get to learn more about you :) Wise perhaps not to drive. I do drive but rarely these days :)


  4. I like your cognizance of losing your joy is a terrible tragedy. I have had to deal with a very difficult individual. Dealing with the anger was a challenge and the biggest casualty of that anger was my inner peace. I know you forgive for your own good. But managing anger is another one.
    31, the best is yet to come kiddo.

  5. I had been afraid of driving for MANY years. More due to car accidents, but this past year I've been working on my fear. I can now drive around my small city. :)

  6. My mom and Laurie's mom neither one drove. Legend says my mom did until she had an accident, but that was well before me. If you bop around my place you'll see I do a friday music post. One of the features in my own top ten- any style, any age, only rule is I haven't heard it before now- and one of the original top ten almost a year ago was Ghost Town. Great song!

  7. I loved your answers, not TMI at all. I was especially surprised by your fear of cars, I love Adam Lambert too, am iffy about ghosts, and am glad you didn't kill anyone. My last x-rays were dental too, but he did it with a computer, with this digital receiver thing in my mouth and it immediately appeared on the hanging monitor in front of us. I guess that's really not an x-ray at all. lol

  8. Goodness, sweetie, I've got blue jeans older than you! I can understand your fear of cars. When I first learned to drive the speed limit was 50 and there weren't that many cars on the road. Today it is insane!!!

  9. 31... Of course you're fine saying it. I know I would too haha! I used to be 40 looking like 31 but I'm 46 looking like, well, 47. (Say something, Sheena-kay, say something.) Oh how I love driving a round late at night. My car ever has a name: Bob. Haha I'm not kidding either. So many books, so little time. Angela... like my Bollywood Princess. How about that. Didi I mention I love your maniacal laugh? Procrastination is my middle name. Well, Peter Pan is, too.

  10. Thanks for joining the blogfest, Sheena. It was fun learning something about you. If you think 31 is old, wait'll you hit 61! ☺ Jamaica is some place I'd love to visit. Cheers!

  11. Thanks for joining the blogfest, Sheena. It was fun learning something about you. If you think 31 is old, wait'll you hit 61! ☺ Jamaica is some place I'd love to visit. Cheers!

  12. Love, love, love that you participated. Sorry, I'm a little behind. So many things on the agenda and a vacation next week. Yay!
    Maniacal laugh, indeed! LOL
    So wonderful to know a bit more about you!
    Have a great weekend!

  13. I love this and cooking shows are the worst, I'm always envious of the wonderful food they make and how I want to be able to cook like that and of course eat it all later, perferablly without gaining weight. :P


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