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Friday, 15 July 2016

#BlackLivesMatter, #BlueLivesMatter and #AllLivesMatter

Update: Please note that I will not be posting on Monday July 18. Instead I'll post on Tuesday July 19 and as of next week Tuesdays are back on this blog except for IWSG week or otherwise stated. Thank you for understanding.

I am a black woman. But first I am always a human being. Though I am all the way over in Jamaica, news from the United States have saddened my heart. Deaths potentially caused because of the colour of someone's skin is never okay and a black man in America today do have good reason to be concerned. Black women and children as well. The loss of a human life is always a tragedy but that is made worse when it can be prevented. I believe a black doctor who helped to treat the injured police officers said it best. He respected and loved the police but feared for his life due to the disparity of police shootings among black males. #BlackLivesMatter

Also the lives of the officers lost because a monster decided to use frustration as an excuse to kill those who take on the mantle to protect people. I don't care what his name is, when you decide to go out and murder people, you are always in the wrong. The officers who where injured and worse those who died had families who now have to live on without them. That is awful and while I am unhappy with the death of black people who fall under question in officer involved shootings. I will never okay violence or blatant disrespect of the police force. Protesting is fine but throwing stones, threats and trying to verbally or physically intimidate officers is not okay. #BlueLivesMatter

Now I know just shouting everyone matters during a time when black Americans are trying to express their fears and concerns is not respectful or fair. #BlackLivesMatter is supposed to be about expressing that the colour of our skin should not be a mark against us. Still I do stand by everyone no matter their race and believe everyone does matter while agreeing that circumstances have made it necessary for African Americans to sound a cry for respect and equality under the law. #AllLivesMatter

Thanks for reading my post and I'll be sending prayers for all. I think this picture below says it best. Just love each other.

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  1. there's just too much hate around the world... aliens should come down and destroy us all, methinks, no big loss for the universe....

  2. Those kids are wiser than most adults.
    People are people and everyone is a precious child of God.

  3. It is a mess. The man who killed those police officers had mental health issues. Whether he knew right or wrong, I don't know. But it really had nothing to do with the issue but all with his issues.
    Black Lives Matter, I don't think most whites knew it was that bad for black people. It is a shame they had to learn this way.

  4. Jesus expressed it so well to love each other as we love ourselves; if we just did that, what a better world this would be.


  5. Hi Sheena - I quite agree ... but the killing of the black kid by the police officer is I think worse ... as they are there to protect the civilian population - that led to the massacre being caused ...

    Your image is delightful and very pertinent ... with thoughts Hilary

  6. Sad to learn about the changing realities of this world.

  7. I have never seen such horrific news stories about people turning on each other before. I remember a few riots through the news when I was younger, but nothing ever like this. I hope the nation begins a healing process and that everyone strives to respect and understand one another.


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