Red Series

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Quick Update

You know that saying when it rains, it pours? Yup that is my life right now. Good news I have good new freelance writing projects. Bad news, I got new freelance writing projects. While I'm glad these have come at the most inopportune time and now Bunowimo and Junowrimo definitely aint getting to 50,000 words. Plus my blogging time has disappeared. I use a quick episode on Netflix as a break because I just don't want read right now. My brain in too crammed with words.

But I am also grateful. I have more work which means more money and by the end of this week the big ones will be out of the way. That way I should be able to manage my time more wisely. Also I'm glad that a temporary bout of what I thought to be another flu attack, wasn't and I'm feeling better minus some exhaustion. So guys sorry for being away so long. I hope to be back on Monday July 4th, but don't quote me on that. Just look out for me next week on Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

Miss and love you guys. Thanks for being so supportive and yes I didn't allow comments on this post. I'm just too busy right now dear friends. But I know your thoughts and well wishes are with me as mine are with you. See you soon and no I don't think every lesson needs to be painful but the quote below has some promise of comfort for those who might be in turmoil or just got through. God Bless.

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