Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Solo: A Song Parody by Me and Zack (the singer)

Yes folks I have expanded into the parody department.

No, don't turn away. Stop running this is good stuff I swear. While I am no Weird Al Yankovich (huge fan) I have written some lyrics of my own. Mostly original stuff and no I can't sing a note or put my lyrics to music.

Which is where freelancers come in. Let me introduce you to Zack David.

Zack David is a singer/songwriter with a fiverr page, zachdavidmusic. While he had a good page it was his video that really turned me to him. What can I say, he came off as an honest earnest guy willing to do the work and handled his vocals and guitar. So I decided to contact him and ordered a sample for the first minute. Boy did he deliver and early too. I intend to order the rest of the song in February (I live on a budget people and gotta save for the necessities) and would recommend him to anyone. As a freelancer myself we got to look out for each other.

Now back to the lyrics. I wrote them as a parody to Hello by Adele. I started in December but had been thinking about it for a while. Solo and Hello went so well together and a song dedicated to our dear Hans Solo was born.

Below will see the first minute of the song along with the lyrics. If you want to share this sample around feel free but do credit both Zach and myself. It's only fair folks and no I will never put a charge or limit of sharing on the sample. I'm a fan too and not everything fan related needs to be paid for. At least not the sample. Give people some wiggle room.

Now presenting...the lyrics.

Solo, it’s me, I saw you sitting there
And thought I’d take a seat.
Did you roll over in your sleep?
When you found out you were
Yet again in a cash grab trilogy?

Solo, is Chewbacca still hairy?
Just kidding I know Kashyyyk is not the place
Where razors sell at all or very well.
You were much younger in the old trilogy.
Thirty years from now my bones would start to creak.

Did the whole romance thing fail with Leia?
Because now she looks pretty pissed.

The moment we have all been waiting for...the music. Thanks again Zach you did great creating this file for me and I used the wav format.

So there you have it folks. What do you think? Either way I had fun doing this and do plan to start on my original lyrics in the future. For now though, I'll just enjoy this.


  1. I don't know the original song, but your lyrics are hilarious!

  2. She was pissed. Maybe that's why he won't be in any of the other movies. Love the lyrics!

  3. Lady Gaga might order songs from you

  4. I don't know much about the star war films, I confess, but I love parodies and think this one sound pretty darn good. :)

  5. Parody away. If we can't laugh at life a little, something is wrong.

  6. Funny! You did a great job with this parody!

  7. Awesome! Zach is undervaluing his talents, by the way. Go to Upwork and ask for more $$$ for this stuff!

    1. Fiverr can be hard when it comes to the getting the real value for your work. But it has a lot of customer traffic.


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