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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Cover Reveal Fanfiction and Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays fellow bloggers and I am happy to share with you the cover for my wattpad fan fiction story Evil Strikes. Chapter One will be published January 15, 2016. Evil Strikes is my fan sequel to the Disney television show The Descendants. In this fan fiction novel new villain kids will emerge and Auradon will come to see a whole new danger emerge. Fan favorite's will also return.

Wattpad Account: Queendsheena12

Usually I post my fan fiction on Fanfiction,net (multiple accounts, like 5) but Wattpad has an interesting mix and I plan to post a few there. But most will remain on my other accounts. The current story up there is one I started on my old accounts but stopped. This upcoming one though is spanking new and only available there. If you are interested in seeing my other fan fiction work message me and I'll send you the username. Now unto the reveal.






Holy cover. Isn't it beautiful? The artist of this lovely creation works over at Cover Lust Designs. Visit anytime to check out her beautiful pre-mades or order an original cover. Will also be posting reveals on Facebook and Twitter. 

Merry Christmas!

No matter how you Celebrate Christmas I wish you a wonderful holiday and a prosperous New Year. I will be back blogging on Monday the 28th.

Personally my family and I will be celebrating the birth of Jesus and enjoying some excellent home cooking. Nice to relax with your parents when neither you or your siblings have kids. Quiet.

P.S. : Over the holidays like any other day of the year sometimes stupid arguments pop up. For example.

Source: Saw it on Facebook

Please try to rise above the fray or come up with a cute answer if you must. Here's mine below. Happy Holidays and this meme popped up on a debate on if the song White Christmas is racist.

Note:  I am black and since White Christmas deals with snow all I can think for other colors is this. Pink - Someone throwing a streamer in your face. Black - Tar? Yellow: Rain I will not step out in. Blue: Shit the sky is falling! Run! Red: Someone got their eye poked out by that bitch throwing skittles. Green: Who just threw grass? So at the end of the day I'll just stick with White Christmas.


  1. Cool cover!
    Let a few drivers go past that snow. It won't be white anymore.
    Have a Blessed Christmas!

    1. I am in love with the cover myself. Love your sense of humor Alex and a blessed Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Happy Holidays!
    It's a nice cover, love the colours

  3. I love the colors on your cover! Congrats!

  4. Great cover!! And LOL on the image of now and racism. It's so sad but true - that this crap happens and people lose their mind...strange. Hope you have a wonderful New Years!

  5. Beautiful cover!!! If you need help promoting it, let me know. I'm always up for helping my friends. :-)

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