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Friday, 27 February 2015

Celebrating the Internet, Jupiter Ascending, EY Meme and Goal Hop

I am happy to say first off that internet is back at home after nearly a week without it. If that's not something to celebrate clearly you have never used the internet.

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I say Jupiter Ascending on Tuesday and had a wonderful time. The technology was mind blowing and the action insane. The story was engaging despite the huge plot holes. While I can understand why critics would hate it, I must say that this is the best movie I have seen so far in 2015. I plan to see Kingsman soon so it might become the second best but for the moment, money well spent.

Goal Hop

I have started an adult novel named Mermaid Strippers and hope to have it drafted and edited by the end of the year. This is my new goal for the hop in 2015. Wish me luck.

EY Meme

I think Draco Malfoy from the Potter books deserve his own series. Hell so does Severus Snape. Especially Snape. Who wouldn't want to know the history of these two secondary but essential characters?

I leave you with a video that will give you insight into one of the two you might not have had before. Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Mermaid Strippers? I'd read that.
    Everyone says Kingsman is awesome, so hope you enjoy it.
    And glad you have Internet again!

  2. Yes, I'm glad your back Internet !!! Thank you for your recommendation on Jupiter Ascending!

  3. Wishing you nothing but luck, success, happy writing!

    Go for it. Love the title!

  4. I will most certainly watch JUPITER ASCENDING as soon as the good torrents appear. I'm not the one to miss a good space opera :)

  5. I couldn't live that long with the Internet.

    Haven't been as impressed with Wachowskis movies lately. That one really tanked here at the box office. They were better when they were the Wachowskis Brothers.

  6. Jupiter Ascending looks like a pretty movie. I'll definitely have to see it at some point.

  7. A week without internet! Oh, the horror! I might actually get some other things done, but I'd hate to be without the internet for that long.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  8. I have just installed iStripper, so I can have the sexiest virtual strippers on my desktop.


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