Friday, 9 August 2013

Time To Celebrate and Express Myself

Celebrate the small things is a weekly meme hosted by VikLit. Today I have a few things to be grateful for.

1. For August I won $100 in Amazon GiftCards. $50 from one giveaway and two worth $25. Putting them to good use I bought loads of ebooks including Pop Travel, Friday Night Alibi, Secondary Characters and all the books by Jen Nauman that I still hadn't purchased. I'm waiting for a win from a few TBD giveaway entries to get Paperback because it cost over $10 at Amazon just for me to ship one book Jamaica. Sometimes it cost more than the book, no way am I doing that again (did it once years ago to get Catching Fire and the worst part was that it arrived late and even Amazon was starting to wonder if it got lost in the mail. NEVER AGAIN). Anyway, I'm super grateful for these wins and thank God for giving me the chance not to just get more books that I love but also purchase books my talented blogger friends have written.

2.  I bought From the Ashes by Jessica K. MCKendry. Why does this get it's own spot? She's sixteen and decided to put herself out there this year! If that doesn't deserve some praise I don't know what does. Move over Veronica Roth, here's a real YOUNG writer. Congrats Jessica on self-publishing your book and making your own dream come true.

3. My cold didn't give me much fatigue this week. Still clinging on but I will beat this sucker.

4. For announcing my plans to create a new genre called AYA (Adults for Young Adults). It's in it's pre-birthing stage but I told you first.

5. For you guys! I love you all!

This week's question: What book/movie character do you relate to most?

In books (and the movie) I relate most to Ridley from Beautiful Creatures. No I'm no secret sex goddess or have powers...or a bad reputation (well...not Ridley's version anyway). My point is I'm the black sheep of my family. Funny that black sheep would usually associate with you being someone wild or forbidden but no. I'm the black sheep because I'm interested in the arts. Well in love with writing. I've been told things by people close to me that well...things you shouldn't tell people because they have a dream that doesn't co-relate with your expectations. After years of trying to force me into the mold of the great Graham family (or whatever it was, I just don't like talking about it)...they've pretty much finally let me do what I want now. Sadly it's the passive ignoring stance that actually hurts a lot. When I see my younger sibs achievements get the attention I wish I could get sometimes it's hard not to get bitter. Getting published in a literary magazine isn't exactly the 'in thing' so other than some brief glance, it's forgotten. So yeah I'm super grateful for my online friends who remind me that writing in general and my writing isn't something to be ignored. Thanks so much guys.

Ridley just clicks because she became something she didn't even chose. Not just that she still cares about her family despite being taken in by the dark. I will always love my immediate family as well. Sorry if that was a bit of a downer guys. Chin up and enjoy your weekend.


  1. You did good with the Amazon wins. Sucks that shipping to Jamaica is so expensive.
    Now, beat that cold!

  2. AYA - I like that. No one considered NA a genre until authors and readers pushed for it.

  3. You are very lucky if you won 3 gift cards. congrats. you do have pleanty to celebrate!

  4. Yeah, it's amazing what Jessica has accomplished at 16. Great way to use your cards. :)

  5. Aw, Sheena! I can relate to this so much. I am nothing like most other members of my family. They are all SUPER introverted and into IT and physics and are highly intellectual. They don't try to make me feel bad or leave me out, most of the time I just don't understand what the heck they are talking about, LOL. And they think I'm nuts for having a blog where I tell everyone everything about me. Most of the time, when we go out, my sister is ready to duck and run because I'm so loud and outgoing and talk to everyone. But that's just me. You have to be who God created YOU to be, no matter what your family is like. It's no use trying to conform- it will only make you miserable. Lord knows I've tried. I'm much happier just being myself. :)

  6. Wow. Sounds like an eventful week. Congrats on winning those gift cards.

  7. It is hard when the people close to us done understand our passions. I learned long ago to just keep it to myself.

  8. Man, you're on a roll! Maybe you should play the lotto! Still wishing the cold will take a hike. :) Writer’s Mark


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