Thursday, 29 August 2013

Express Yourself Meme and Double Cover Reveal

Today I'm tackling last week's and this week's question.

Last Week: What is your comfort book/movie?

Book: Harry Potter Series

Movie: X-Men movies, The Avengers

This Week: Favourite Childhood Book/Movie

Book: Sweet Valley High, Enid Blyton books (short stories), V.C. Andrews, (before Harry Potter)

Movie: My Little Ponies Movie (made in the 80's)

Double Cover Reveal

Now for the reveal of two givers by two very talented ladies. Enjoy.

It is with great pleasure and a thrill in our hearts that Gwen Gardner and I (Angela Brown *hugs*) reveal the covers for our follow up stories to our currently available novels: Givin' Up the Ghost (Gwen) and Neverlove (Angela)

*cue drumroll*




A GUILTY GHOST SURPRISED by Gwen Gardner (Add to Goodreads)

An Angel Among Us
Paranormal happenings at the Eady household are the norm. Recently,
things have become downright peculiar. Childish giggles at odd hours of the
night lead Indigo Eady to her little cousin, Bryan, a guileless cherub spirit,
complete with Spider Man pajamas and a set of faux angel wings. The problem is
that Bryan died nearly three years ago in a hit and run that killed him and his
mum. The driver was never found.  Now the
gang must solve the mystery of his death in order to send him back to heaven.  But where to start when the trail is three
years cold?
Indigo Eady
Eady is not clumsy.
least, that’s what she keeps telling everyone. Can she help that the overactive
spirit community of Sabrina Shores causes her psychic abilities to
short-circuit? It’s unfortunate that her cute friend Badger is often on the
receiving end of her mishaps. At times, she is positively hazardous to his
health. Even so, sparks fly in more than one direction.

THEY ALL FALL DOWN by Angela Brown (Add to Goodreads)

Abby and Basil: New love reaches new heights as they finally
give in to their lust and desire for each other.

Q: Consumed by the Devourer within and his base need to
claim Abby as his own.

The crave: What it all boils down to. A crave for souls. A
crave to keep love intact beyond betrayals. A crave for a second chance. A
crave for power and The Fall of mankind.

“Love can conquer all” is put to the test and salvation may
be impossible when it’s “ashes, ashes…they all fall down.”

About Gwen
Gwen Gardner is a native Californian living in sunny San
Diego, where her love of reading and writing led to a BA in English literature.
Life is now complete with her husband, two dogs and a daily call from her

Since ghosts feature prominently in her young adult Indigo Eady Paranormal “Cozy” Mystery
series, she has a secret desire to meet one face to face - but will run
screaming for the hills if she ever does. Gwen adores travel and experiencing
the cultures and foods of different countries. She is always up for an adventure
and anything involving chocolate - not necessarily in that order.

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About Angela
Angela is a lover of Wild Cherry Pepsi and chocolate/chocolate covered delicious-ness. Steampunk, fantasy and paranormal to contemporary - mostly young adult - fill her growing library of books. Mother to a rambunctious darling girl aptly nicknamed Chipmunk, life stays busy. Her favorite quote keeps her moving: "You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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  1. Did you see the post-credit to The Wolverine? *SQUEEEE!!!*

  2. I loved Sweet Valley High, and The Babysitter's club. Awesome memories. Beautiful covers!

  3. The covers are awesome!
    And Avengers is a good comfort movie.

  4. My favorite comfort book/movie is Harry Potter, too! I love them both so much.

    Thanks for helping us reveal our covers, Sheena. We're very excited about our new releases :)

  5. My favorite comfort movie is Battle Royale and Rear Window. Two of my favorite movies. My favorite comfort book so far is 1Q84!

    Nice covers! I really liked them. :)

  6. Both covers look great. :)
    Sheena-kay, I totally just bought an old My Little Pony movie from the 80s for my daughter's birthday. I am so excited to watch it with her!

  7. Good choice of comfort movies. ;) Thanks for sharing the new covers with us!

  8. I saw the info on another blog yesterday.

  9. Nice covers and storylines. Wishing them both great success. Writer’s Mark

  10. Last time I read Mikhail Bulhakov's "Notes of the Young Doctor" and I watched local TV programme of Republika Srpska in Bosnia. Greetings for You :)

  11. I totally love the X-me movies. My other favorites are Star Trek from the 80s and 90s as well as the 2010 series. Thanks for stopping by.

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    PARTICIPATE IN THE POLL and you could win a prepaid VISA gift card!


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