Red Series

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Ebook cover for Rachael Becoming Red

Update: Release date moved to March 10, 2012.

My novel isn't coming out until February 20, 2012 but here's the cover. After trying to create a cover by myself (total fail) and using another ebook cover artist (won't name her out of respect but her work was poor) who thought I was too dumb to check on the progress and cancel crappy work, I found nataliepink. Her order page on Fiverr seemed well done but I was still a little wary due to my past experience with another cover artist who had very nice ebook samples but herself did terrible work (I cancelled after the seller refused to communicate with me when I made it clear the cover needed a complete overhaul). But nataliepink was different. From just going back and forth with her before ordering it was obvious she wanted to help. After I ordered we worked together in finding the best layout and characters for my cover. The process went so smoothly it actually was done a day earlier. Below is the end result and I'm certain the art and ebook creating impaired and not so impaired can agree it looks awesome and was worth paying just five bucks.


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