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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Another Day with the Living

Cruelty comes in many forms-ignorance is one of them. - Olivia Winefield Foxworth from Garden of Shadows (a novel by V.C. Andrews)

I should have already started writing for today but haven't. I plan to though, even if it kills me. But that right is currently held mainly by this horrid flu I'm having. I swear just moving makes me feel like an old woman and all the flegm, ugh! Also I yet again missed a chance to see the Breaking Dawn Movie. Jamaica's ruling political party (JLP) had a rally and circumstances just didn't mesh with movie going. And people I knew practically screamed "no way! stay home!," and well...I did.

Also I finally bought the only V.C Andrews book in The Dollangangers series that I haven't read (unfamiliar? Remember Flowers in the Attic - book or movie - I've done both), Garden of Shadows. I promise it will make you see Olivia in a new light. If you don't know who she is do a google search people, no major spoilers. But the book really shows how she changed into who she was in Flowers in the Attic. The woman in this book is a complete 180 to the woman who intimidated the children in Flowers in the Attic. It's sad really, I don't excuse her actions but all sorts of things screw people up. She got a world of it. So much for a practical woman finding happiness. She left her secure home for a beautiful madhouse. Read the book if you doubt me. And trust me it's a great read, but sad story.

Today most mainly another day at home with the flu, doing chores and getting my lazy sick ass writing. Oh and a little TV, yes I don't engorge myself until my two evening talk shows and nighttime series- new Law and Order: SVU tonight!

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